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Georg Kapsch, CEO of the Kapsch Group: "Smart cities are those that anticipate and meet  the individual mobility needs of all their citizens equally and intelligently and guarantee services by utilizing resources efficiently".

There may be no greater uncertainty than the future. However, by projecting certain existing trends ten years into the future, we can perhaps shed some light on what's to come. For example, the percentage increase in the urban population among the population as a whole is certainly one of the most important trends of our time. By 2050, around 70% of all people are expected to live in cities. Signs of the other innumerable trends that await us are being seen in technological advancements that are sure to increase in the coming decades. For example, 57% of people today communicate more online than in real life. By 2014, the mobile Internet will surpass desktop web access, and by 2020 over 50 billion devices will be linked to one another.


These technological developments are enabling social movements to occur much more rapidly, leading to higher segmentation in society, which will in turn have a significant impact on all of our lives. These already existing trends present massive challenges for modern cities. How can enormous multitudes of people in major metropolises work together, live together and consume products and services as efficiently as possible without drowning in a sea of noise and endless traffic jams? How should urban living spaces, industrial areas or even city infrastructure be planned so that resources utilized as efficiently as possible?


Only by continuously pondering these future dilemmas can we create potential, business models and a new paradigm for cohabitation in smart cities. The fact is, without the necessary visions, alternatives and strategies, today's trends are likely to simply continue, along with their consequences.


However, the countermovement, i.e., the young urban culture, offers enormous opportunities for cohabitation in cities of the future. These modern guerrillas' thirst for adventure is born in the virtual realm, with seemingly senseless activities such as "planking," "geocoaching" or "silent disco" ultimately making their way into real public urban spaces.


Kapsch Group recognizes these challenges and acts as a front-runner in this field, allowing the city of the future to become smarter with the help of technologies and innovative business models. Our primary focus is on the relevant issues that affect all cities and industries. Today, Kapsch Group deals specifically with sensor technology and communications as well as the link between human and machine. These issues serve as guiding principles along all global value chains within the company.


Authors: Mag. Martin Eder, MSc,  Ing. Mag. Clemens Schober


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